Roof Photos

We’ve had guys round to do the roof; ADL and Sons. ADL was a very nice guy (his son I didn’t really speak to, except to say ’there’s a coffee down here for you’) and it seems like they’ve done a smashing job. I say “seems” coz it’s right hard to see the damn thing without standing way way off down the street, and then it’s only really possible with the aid of a telescope or some binoculars. I do own a pair of binoculars but they’re just a tiny pair I got free from Jessops. I don’t know why Jessops were giving away tiny binoculars but they were. Maybe I was their thousandth customer or something.

Have you noticed that even though Jessops is like a national brand for photo-processing if you go to a different Jessops shop you can get a completely different service. I was in one Jessops recently and I was told that they didn’t transfer photo’s directly to CD (without having the film processed in the traditional manner also) - but why didn’t I try the different Jessops down the road. I was a bit disconcerted. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to walk into MacDonald’s and ask for a kebab only to be told that they "didn’t do kebabs - but maybe you should try the McDonalds down the road."

Doesn’t brand consistency count for anything these days?

It turned out that neither Jessops would transfer my photo’s onto CD without first processing the film in the traditional manner - so maybe there was a semblance of consistency there after all.

UpdateMaybe I should have mentioned the different packaging (Jessops or Kodak) that I’ve had photo’s come back in, maybe that was what I meant.