Sean Of The Rose

I finished reading The Name of the Rose which was long but very good. I remember seeing the film ages and ages ago and so now I’ve read it I really want to see it again. My copy of the book had a picture of Sean Connery on the front and I’m being haunted by that bit in Trainspotting where Sickboy is talking to Renton about Sean Connery’s career and how Name of the Rose was the one exception on a generally downward career spiral. I can’t find the godamn quote though so I’m beginning to wonder if I didn’t dream it :(

Then I read The Great Gatsby which was short and very good too (I’m not much of critic am I?). It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but the reason I wanted to read it was mainly due to the fact that I kept on seeing references to it in different places and was curious - so having my expectations thwarted was part of the point.

I’m now reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Yes I know, big poncy git reading philosophy. I actually bought it when I was a small poncy git, doing Art in Uni, but like the poncy git I was I never got round to reading it. So it was left on my shelf, along with the other books I’ve never read.

Along with the other two books I’ve mentioned actually.