Mobile Trousers

Went to York on Saturday. I love York. It’s great. We were there because I’d bought Kirsty an aromatherapy massage experience for her birthday and she’d chosen to have it done at a place behind Lloyds Pharmacy on Gillygate in York.

While she was having it done I wandered around York for a while and shopped for new trousers. At one point I was in River Island (yeah I know, but at least it wasn’t Gap) just about try on a possible pair of pants when my mobile rang. It was someone from work saying a rugby match report hadn’t come through properly. I didn’t say where I was (other than I was in York so I couldn’t dial in) and tried to help. It’s slightly embarrassing to be on your mobile in changing rooms at the best of times (I imagine) but extra embarrassing to be stood with a new pair of trousers around your ankles spouting the work-jargon required to sort this work-problem out.

yeah, try /usr/local/opn ...

have a look in the PHP template, see if it’s looping through on a league acronym or a competition code

Anyway having got to the end of that phone call (not completely sucessfully) I got back to trying on the trousers, and was just about to pull on another pair when the blessed phone rings again. Work again, although a different person this time with a different problem.

I walked out of the changing rooms having spent something like 20 mins seemingly trying on two pairs of trousers.

I bougt one of them though so that was nice.