Recently I’ve found something new (via:this). It’s like a programming language which sits on top of Java and hides some things you can do (which could be quite awkward for a beginner) behind much simpler commands. It’s made for people who are wanting to do visual user-interface type programming but haven’t got enough expertise to jump right in. It also has an amazing development environment that you can download which allows you to develop using a “change and refresh” style - which is much better for me used as I am to programming for the web. It also has a function to convert what you’ve created back into Java and save it out as a working Java applet - just click a button and there it is.

I’ve not being playing with it for very long and I’ve already managed to come up with this:

Click your mouse somewhere over the square and see what happens.

That’s from someone who wouldn’t know where to begin with Java usually. It’s really that simple. I’ve done a few more things and I’m having loads of fun so I’ll stick em up somewhere at some point.

Oh yeah, if you’re interested, the source code for that there above can be viewed here.