A few recent events of note (I think):

  • Went to Adele (Kirsty’s sister) and Martins wedding. An extremely enjoyable, not religious, back garden, lots of booze type of blur. Talked drunkenly to future relatives, ate a tasty curry, listened to the speeches (kudos to Kirsty’s Dad who did a great one - I even got a mention myself woo!) then adjourned to a hotel where for some reason our drinking seemed to take off like that lone runner in a marathon who leaves the pack and heads off on his own only to discover slightly later on that it was not a good idea and he really should have paced himself. Suffered next morning in that dry, bale of hay, gravelly throated way only drink can produce. They’re in Cancun now - all inclusive - nice!
  • Camera broke (hence no pics from said wedding). Took it back to shop with the receipt (thank God we found it!!) and the guy said it’d be about two weeks. It’s over two weeks since then so I gave them a ring. A nice woman said "I don’t know who told you two weeks but it’s usually a month, if not more". Excellent. I’m going in tomorrow to see if they can lend me a camera or something. I’m not holding my breath.
  • Decorated the bedroom. Well I say decorated, but actually we just painted everything white. It was cheap, and fairly simple (had to strip more blown vinyl from the ceiling - ugh!) and surprisingly effective. It’s made what used to me a dull, dim, slightly dank bedroom into a bright airy, slightly mediterranean looking bedroom. Thoroughly recommended I’d say.

I think that’s yer lot.