A Date

"May the first be with you" - just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? But the 4th of May is a Tuesday and we wanted to have the wedding on a Saturday.

So we’ve set a date. The 1st of May it is, and things are beginning to move along nicely. We’ve booked the hotel (where it’s all going to happen) and we’ve booked the registrar. We had to go down and pay £30 each and answer a load of questions which (although we were sat right next to each other) we were told we strictly had to answer separately. It was all quite formal in a funny way which made us both realised how hard it’s going to be not to start laughing on the day.

The hotel is called the Ramada Jarvis (sometimes known as The Parkway by those who’ve been around longer than us). It’s on a road out of Leeds to the north. It’s the type that’s mainly used by business people during the week, but it’s got a nice function room where we can have the service and which can then be transformed in order to have a meal there too. Basically we’ve got the room all day and night so people (who will mostly be travelling from afar) only have one place to get to.

We’ve also been looking at honeymoon destinations too which is quite exciting. The current favourite is something like this which seems to be within budget (just about). It is a once in a lifetime type of thing after all.