Our cat Charlie does a funny thing when you pick him up. I don’t know whether it’s the way we do it, or if it’s something about him, or even if all cats do this (although I don’t remember my parents cat ever doing it) but when you pick him up and hold him so his belly is facing up he always straightens his legs right out.

legs akimbo legs akimbo

It isn’t a stretching thing, because he doesn’t just do it and then relax. He keeps the position sometimes throughout the entire duration of you holding him.

legs akimbo

We feel sorry for him at the moment because he’s had a rodent ulcer and had to go to the vets. Also, while at the vets we were told that his teeth were not in a good state because we’ve been letting him have a higher proportion of wet food to dry food than we should. So we’re not as good cat parents as we thought we were :o(