Little Fence

There’s a little fence on the way from the station to work. Us working people tend to hop over it rather than walking around (even though it’s not really that far). It’s only a couple of foot high with two horizontal rungs and quite easy, if silghtly awkward, to step over. I was coming up to it this morning and noticed a couple of lads (on their way to school, judging by their garb) coming the other way. As they approached the fence one of them leapt up onto the first rung with one foot, stepping up onto the top rung with the other, hung there for a moment (somewhat like a meer cat) before dropping down again on the other side. He kind of looked cool and graceful, and I thought how at that age, that was probably what I would have done. I was quite into looking cool and graceful back then.

Not so much anymore ;o)

... oh yeah and birdplant