First Name Terms

Have you noticed that Tony Blair (and I think George Walker Bush) always refer to the Iraqi leader as ’Saddam’? Not Saddam Hussien, or Mr Hussien. Is there a good reason for this? I can just imagine Saddam appearing on Iraqi television and saying "We are going to fight to repel the immanent invasion of Tony and George".

Last night on TV Tony argued that although there was no evidence for a connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq in the past, there was no saying what with Iraq under threat of attack, that the two wouldn’t be brought together in the future. What Tony? You mean your threat of attack? So you reasoning here is: what with us threatening to invade Iraq he’s bound to join forces with terrorists and so we should definitely invade Iraq to stop him joining forces with terrorists???

I finished watching with one thought: if we let them go to war now, based on the arguments they’ve put forward then we’re basically giving them the right to continue doing this indefinitely. There will always be a threat and after this that threat will be an easy excuse for war. And war. And war and war and war.