Rubbish Telly

Heehee - far be it from me to laugh at the televisual misfortunes of my loverly other half but ...

Last night she sat down to watch a program where a load of ladies surprise their fellas by proposing to them on national television on a set that seemed to be something like a cross between Miss World and Eurovision and guided by two presenters more wooden than a mahogany crate full of small wooden status of Richard Whitely. That was as much as I saw because I could stand it no longer and left.

I returned an hour later to ask about exactly what kind of train wreck it all turned out to be, only to find that after an hour of procrastination the program makers had deemed it fair to send the couples away to “think out it” and that the poor viewers would have to wait until next week to find out whether the lucky guys had said yes or no.

That’ll teach her to watch crap on telly - anyway where’s that “Best of You’ve Been Framed (Animals Bite Back!!)” video I had lying around here?