Well, I haven’t added anything for a while coz I’ve had some big news that I wasn’t meant to let on about and you know when you’ve got something big to say, and can’t, it’s hard to think of anything else.

We’re having a baby. We found out in November (just before the week in Staithes) and now Kirsty is 12 weeks gone it’s OK to tell the world. So consider yourself told.

We’re both very happy and had been "trying" for a while (since we got married really) so it’s great that it’s happened now. It’s due to pop out (like a bar of soap!) on the 19th of July which seems to be a good time to have a birthday to me. It’s a nice distance from Xmas so it’ll be something to look forward too and should be just into the summer holidays.

Some people have mentioned that it’s quite late in the school year which I don’t know about really. Having a birthday in October myself I was always quite old for my age. Kirsty however has a birthday in August and it’s never done her any harm [sarcasm duly stifled] :-)

We’ve had a scan already (we wanted to have one before Xmas to make sure everything was fine). It was nice to see the little nipper moving around in there!

Yesterday we went for another appointment at the surgery with the midwife. She used a Doppler(?) scanner to do a audio scan and we heard the heartbeat again which was great.