More Baby

More baby stuff. Well no, it didn’t all just stop, it has continued. Errr... we went for another scan just after Xmas. This time on old aunty NHS. They did a wonderful little trick of keeping us waiting in 3 separate places, in such a way that each time they called our names and made us follow them down a corridor we really thought that maybe just maybe this time it would be our turn, only to be disappointed once again. We eventually ended up sat right outside the scanning room but by this time I was so skeptical that i wouldn’t have been surprised if there had been 3 seats just inside the door that we had to sit in while the very last person before us was scanned.

It also wasn’t so nice for Kirsty who just had to lie back and think of something while the bloke prodded and poked the scanner around and then quickly span the screen round, blurted "there’s the heart" and span it back again before she could really accustom herself to the view. I had a bit better chance as I could see over the guys shoulder for a while and I’m pretty sure I saw a head, some limbs, and fair bit of kicking and a nice steady heartbeat.

Anyway apparently that’s not the main one in scan terms. 20 weeks is the big kahuna, and now that’s only about 4 weeks off. That’s the one where the organs are viewable, that’s the one where you can really see the detail, and that’s the one where we might just maybe possibly perhaps find out whether it’s a boy or a girl. That’s if it doesn’t go all coy on us and cover up it’s "parts" with a hand or some other appendage.

So more to follow when the mood takes.

In other news, I bought myself a Creative Zen Micro which I’m finding to be very nice indeed. It’s got a 5gig memory, FM radio, voice (and radio) recording to mp3 and it came in a lovely box with a pretty little stand and can charge (while I’m at work) via a USB cable. I’ve found it particularly good for listening to some new George Carlin albums I’ve recently got. He’s an comic with a long career who started of (it seems) owing a huge debt to Lenny Bruce and then seemed to get angrier and angrier until his more recent stuff gives Bill Hicks a run for his money. Very good I think, all around.