Present Buying Day

Well Christmas is coming and we’ve been out today getting all the presents from Leeds. We set off early to avoid the rush but even at 9 this morning the streets seemed crowded with people. We got most of it done though and even had time to stop for a McDonalds, which we haven’t had for years; ever since we had one on a hung over morning, from the McDonalds in Guiseley, which was the soggiest most horrible McDonalds either of us had ever had. Sadly today’s was actually rather nice although it’s incredible how much you can taste the salt when you haven’t had one for a while. Interesting too how much McDonalds seems to have changed during our period of abstinence. No longer the simple burger and fries establishment of yore; now there’s all sorts of salady vegetarian type dishes on the menu. Can’t say I approve really, it’s a bit like Hitler going into childcare.

So we got everything (well, nearly everything) we went for and came back and I’m writing this, sat downstairs while Kirsty has a little nap upstairs. Once she’s napped we’re going to try and work out how much we’ve actually spent. All on credit card naturally! ;-)

Tomorrow we’re going to go and get the Christmas tree from the usual place in Pudsey and then spend the rest of the day wrapping presents and decorating the house. We’ve managed to build up quite a stash of decorations over the last few years so it’ll be quite fun dragging the box down from the top of the wardrobe and seeing what’s in there. Hopefully the Christmas lights will work but seeing as a Christmas never seems to go by without us needind a new set I’m not holding my breath.