Tonight’s the night and I’m feeling alright.

Well half of that is true. Tonight me and Kev are off to see The Two Towers!! At last. I’ve been reading the book furiously for about the last month (I read slowly) and this morning I’ve got to within the last 3 pages. I have also, however, been becoming sicker and sicker over the last few days. As usual perfectly timing the onslaught of my yearly cold to coincide with my Christmas holidays. I’m at the stage now where normally a day off work might be in order, but no, it’s LOTR tonight. I can’t not go in!

So I must stuggle on, like Frodo himself towards either death or glory - except with me it’s either illness or not being ill which is either way hardly a matter of life and death. Not forgetting of course that the Lord of the Rings is in fact fiction. I mean I’m not really comparing myself to......

You know I think I’m feeling a little delerious.