In the spirit of a previous post here I’ve found this

monty python sings

to be the best choice of Christmas music in my collection at the moment. Not only is there obviously “Christmas in Heaven” but I’ve found also that many of the other songs seem to have strangely Christmassy overtones.

Maybe it’s just my learned response to songs that I mostly heard when watching the films (probably at Xmas) when I was small but there again maybe not.

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Life of Brian was basically about Christ wasn’t it? Who can listen to "The Galaxy Song" without being reminded of Santa and his little elves. "I’ve Got Two Legs" for example, is a blatant ode to a feeling common at your average Xmas party and "Never be rude to an Arab" is a veritable hymn (with surprisingly topical relevance). "Finland" of course needs no explanation being allegedly the home of Santa himself and "The Accountancy Shanty" and the "Money Song" are chilling indictments of the commercialism which blights the modern Yule tide. The only obvious sore thumb in this array would be "Oliver Cromwell" who of course banned Christmas, being a puritan and all.

Maybe that’s just the exception to prove the rule?