Snowy Weather

Lovely to wake up to a nice powdery, snow covered morning. Especially because by the time I had to walk to the station today the sun was up (not long ago I was walking there in darkness) and shining in an almost cloudless blue sky. The place looked wonderful.

Didn’t really get to take as many pictures of the scenery as I’d have liked because while taking photo’s with a proper camera on a day like this would be both understandable and almost commendable, taking the same photo’s with a digital camera that’s build into your phone (especially one which makes a terrible fake shutter “ker-chalk!” noise when you do) just seems poncy. So I took another picture from the window at work when no-one was looking.

Is it me or does this look like a Bruegel painting too (see yesterday’s entry), or have a I got some kind of strange see-bruegel-everywhere syndrome at the moment?