Not a huge amount to add really. I’ve been quite busy recently starting a new job, doing a new job and pretty much enjoying a new job. Seems clearer now than when I first applied for it that this was a good move for me, not just career-wise but also enjoyment wise. It seems quite a natural place to be and a natural thing to be doing. There is also something very nice about feeling that what I have done before has lead me up to this, which makes a bit more sense of the times when I wasn’t quite sure where I was heading.

Marriage is looming in about a month which is great (honestly!). Rooms have been booked by lots of people to stay in the hotel where it’s happening which is lovely and I’m sure will ensure a good time is had by all. We got to try a sample of the cake, that Mum is cooking for us for the event, this weekend. It’s a 3 layer jobbie (fruit, carrot, chocolate) and we got to try the carrot layer. It was delicious and looked the business.

So yeah, everything is progressing along swimmingly. I just wish the blasted thing would happen sooner. I can’t wait!!