I heard a great joke the other day:

Two snowmen in a field. One says to the other. "Can you smell carrots?"

Took me a while to get for some reason, maybe that’s why I liked it so much once I did. Plus a bit of news. I’ve recently got a new job. It’s in the same company so it’s not going to involve a different morning routine (kneel! and worship the sacred morning routine) but it’s in a different team and it’s upstairs (although the team I’m in are moving upstairs soon anyway I think - but anyway that dosn’t matter). Basically I’ll be swapping my specialised technology trousers for a slighty more creative hat. My technology trousers will be kept safely in a closet and I’ll still be getting them out and dusting them down from time to time but maybe they’ll be slightly less important. My tatty old creative hat which has been sitting under a pile of underwear on a chair in my bedroom for a while now will have to be got out and spruced up but I’m quite pleased because I always did like the fit of that hat.

Yeah, so basically I’ll be going around wearing a silly hat and without a pair of trousers on. What the hell eh? It pays the rent.