Poor Tony Blair, he’s just fed up to the back teeth of having people inquire. Why is everyone so godamn inquisitive all a sudden? Eh?

He said just the other day that we can’t have an inquiry into whether we should have gone to war. I think that just about sums it up really. He’s perfectly happy really for us to have inquiry after inquiry just so long as nobody is allowed to question his democratic right to take this country to war on false premises.

I remember the “debate” he had with “ordinary” members of the public who were against the war happening. He was so calm and reasonable and very careful when he said that he didn’t want to go to war (god no) but that if we didn’t there was a real threat of Iraqi W.M.D getting into the hands of Al Quiada. At the time I was reading in all sorts of places that the links between Saddam’s regime and Osama Bin Laden were what we might call "non existent". That although Osama had once approached Saddam he’d actually been sent packing fairly quick and now pretty much hated the secular Baathist rulers of the country. I may be paraphrasing there - but the jist is right.

So I was pretty disgusted with Blair for trying to spread fear in such a way for his own ends, as was quite convinced by the argument that any weapons Saddam had were not about to get into the hands of terrorists. Imagine my surprise now, when it turns out that the whole argument about the spread of W.M.D to terrorists was been built on a non-existent foundation. No W.M.D? No passing them on. It’s right there in front of you, see?

So what do we get now? Apart from our noble leaders taking a huge step back and trying to point the finger at the Intelligence Agencies (it still makes me laugh when news readers delightfully put the words “George Bush” and “catastrophic failure of intelligence” in the same sentence) we also have the argument that even if there wasn’t a good reason for war, it’s all right coz Saddam was bad and well, now he’s gone, right?

That just sounds to me very much like the same arguments that say "if one burglar was stopped, if one criminal caught, if just one crime was prevented then it’s worth us having our liberties eroded, it’s worth having to carry an ID card, it’s worth living in a police state". Bollocks, I say.