We went to Otley at the weekend to try and find an art shop, which we didn’t, and to walk around a bit, which we did. I have been before and wandered around the shoppy bit which is all fair and good but never been down to the lovely open, grassy bit where a little bridge spans the river (Wharfe?) and there’s little benches and flowery bits and a wonderful view down the river.

a view from a bridge

Then we did some other stuff involving Kirsty’s friend Katie, her fella Pete, a pub, some Polish vodka, the M62, the Lowry Museum at Salford Quays, my future best man and a rather good roast chicken (even if I do say so myself). It wasn’t as hectic as it sounds, but at the end of it all we opened a bottle and sat down to a nice game of Scrabble.


Aaaaaaah. Now what can I make out of N, R, O, I, S, V and N?