Dear Catastrophe Waitress

KEv did a copy of Belle and Sebastians new album Dear Catastrophe Waitress for me, which is fantastic. A really really great album. The best new album I’ve heard since the first Coral one (I think). This is a prime example of when so called “music piracy” pays off for the band themselves because seeing as it’s so wonderful I’m completely determined to buy the CD myself and, when I do, to pass on the ’copy’ to someone else I know who’ll like it, thereby spreading the word about a piece of music that it’s actually worth spending some money on.

I haven’t the skill or energy to try and describe why it’s so good right now, but I’ll just say that to me it has all the strengths of Belle and Sebastian at their best along with a good dose of well directed inventiveness and some silky smooth production.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a few reviews for your perusal.

In fact do this better than me, just go there ;o)

In other news it’s my sisters boyfriend James’s birthday tomorrow and I’ve only just posted the card so I’ll try and make up for it’s lateness by publicly apologising on a web page neither he or anyone who is likely to speak to him looks at! Haha! I was going to get a very heavily ironical card which looked like it was something your Gran might get you but was persuaded not to at the last minute by Kirsty who doesn’t understand what I find funny about that kind of thing. Probably for the best.