I saw the moon this morning on the way into work. It was one of those clear little blue mornings where the moon is still ridiculously high in the sky and I thought the same thing to myself that I’ve thought on seeing this since (I think) about the age of 5.

If it’s daytime here (so we can see the sun) and we can also see the moon, does that mean in Autrailia they can’t see either?

I tried to look hard at the moon for a while and tell my brain that it was really a planet thing, like a ball which was floating out there in space. My brain wasn’t having any of it and replied that it looked too flat to be a ball. I said that, the sun being the only light source caused there to be no shading (or reflected back light) which we’d usually associate with curved objects. My brain wasn’t convinced and suggested that next thing I’d be telling it that there were people sitting on the clouds looking down at us too. I said that yes I believed there was. My brain was taken aback for a second and said "What, really?"

"Oh jesus" I said.