Four Years Stuck On My Eyes

Wow, so much has happened and in so little time. Much laxness in updating this blog also, apologies (to who, I don’t know). Well I’m twenty (count ’em) six now well and truly. I think last year I moaned about being closer to 30 than 20 etc so I’ll spare the grumbling.

Kirsty bought me the second season of the Simpsons on DVD which is far better than the first. The first was very much just the beginnings and only really hinted towards how great it was going to be. By series two they’d really hit their stride so watching it I’m finding episodes that I’d still be pleased to see again and again (which I wouldn’t really say for series one).

I also (by hook and by crook - shhh) managed to avail myself of a digital camera. It’s a Sony one will all the usual gubbins, and I’ve found nothing to photograph yet except for Kirsty and the cats, so as you can imagine this page is soon to become a photographic shrine to them in all their glory.

I think that’s it for now. There was something about a postmodern fish ... but I forget.