Kitten No Net

Was completely without internet this weekend for a while, because our naughty little kittens had chewed through the wire. Unfortunately the upstairs phone point is right over the other end of the house from where I insist my computer must sit so we had to invest in ten meters of extension lead which I rather inexpertly left straggling around the door where I couldn’t lift the carpet enough to stuff it under

So having been closed out of the bedroom for leaping on our faces in the night the cats decided to reak revenge and deprive us of our information super highway. There’s nothing quite like lifting the phone and hearing no dial tone. It’s quite disconcerting. I was half expecting to peer out of the window and see the sky had fallen.

Situation is now mended with a new extension lead and a huge over-use of those neat little pin thingies you can buy to fix wires to the wall.