Hash Browns, Over Easy

Went to Kev’s for some wonderful chile (not in a bowl - but in fact on a bed of tortilla’s which was a new experience and a very nice one at that). We also got to see the vast mansion he now lives in (don’t let him telll you otherwise - it’s lies I tell ya, all lies). It was strange because having worked with Kev for over 2 years now and having heard all sorts of things about his home life without ever actually seeing him at home I found it all strangely familiar.

There’s the sofa that he was worried about fitting in the van, there’s the huge collection of CD’s (the latter portion of which I’ve watched him buy), there’s the shower curtain and there’s the new iMac (looking far bigger and sturdier than I’d imagined).

On the way home having taken just one more wrong turning for good luck (we took about five on the way there), we both agreed that a good time was very much had and that we’d have to have him over to ours very soon.