Bush Visit

I’m off to Dumfries for a few days but if you can (as Kev says) Resist Bush.

So the American President is coming and suddenly we’ve got extra security around the capital because of a "heightened threat of terrorist attack". That’s a coincidence right?

There’s been more and more comparisons around recently between what’s happening in Iraq and what happened in Vietnam. The United States need to learn the lessons of that conflict. Send Rambo in early this time!!

... and if the treat from al-Qaeda doesn’t materialise, well, then those extra security measures will come in handy in making sure those pesky little demonstrators are kept in check

CNN reporter interviewing a member of the police:

CNN: So how many protesters do you think turned up? PC: Three men and a dog. CNN: Really? There seems to be more than that to me. PC: Yes, well the dog was barking very loudly.

£5m police operation including 14,000 police officers for Mr Bush’s three-day trip. Need I say more?