At Eighty

You have to be aware that long ago I decided that psychologically it would be best to take the opinion that I was writing this blog for my future self rather than for any actual people out there. I know that certain people do read this (thanks guys) but really these are mostly people who I speak to on a fairly regular basis anyway and so if I was writing it for them, then I’d have very little to say, or at least very little new. Some of you might be thinking “what the hell is he saying here? If he knows that we’re the only ones reading and he’s describing us now, who the hell is he addressing? Surely that’s a big flaw in this whole ’nobodies actually reading this crap’ line. Therefore he does think other people are reading this. Aha! Got him. The arrogant barstool!” .... or something like that.

Anyway the point as that as well as all of the above I have this funny little picture of myself at about 80 odd, suddenly trawling through some old hard drive (or CD) I have knocking around and finding all these entries and having a right time reading them. I imagine by then they’ll be projected onto a hovering screen in front of me and I’ll be able to scroll and stuff by waving my walking stick at the screen in a vertical manner. I’ll probably be sat on a rocking chair (no need for technological advancment there) with a blanket (ditto) on my lap and will probably look like a cross between my two grandads (both stunningly handsome old men).

So in general that’s who I try to think of when I’m deciding what to write. Rest assured, I know me and I know I’ll find it all facinating when the time comes.

I don’t know what I’ll make of this one though.