A Q 4 U Tony

A question for Tony:

OK, you’ve convinced me. In the midst of all this doubt I find myself utterly convinced. You didn’t fake reasons for us to go to war. Everything you said was true and history (as you say) will judge you to be an absolute saint. Well done sir.

There’s just one thing

What about the oil? We need a lot of it to keep this country running you know. The world only has a finite amount of the stuff. Aren’t you worried about it a bit? Isn’t it a concern to you at all? I mean I don’t know the figures but I’m assuming that whatever we’re getting out of the north sea isn’t going to last us too much further. What’s going to happen to us when it starts to run out? Will Mondeo man have to give up his car? He’s not going to be too happy about that. And what about hauliers? Are they just going to have to pay up the ever increasing prices for this ever decreasing resource? They didn’t seem to take too kindly to that a couple of years ago did they? I seem to remember they caused quite a commotion until the price was lowered again. What if you can’t manage it next time?

What about all the poor wives and mothers of middle-england? Those four-wheel-drive jeeps and land rovers really eat up the gas you know especially when they’re queuing at the lights to get into Tesco. Are you going to ask them to share? Or maybe they’ll all start ordering their food online and having it delivered by ... wait a minute ... a multitude of petrol guzzling Tesco’s vans.

Isn’t it possible that this wonderful country, this green and pleasant land, could be held to ransom some time in the future. Isn’t there a chance that those oh-so-friendly oil producing countries might one day decide to up the price just to see the looks on our faces? You know, for a giggle. What’s going to happen to us then? Poverty? Misery? A change to our way of life? A change to the status quo? Sounds scary doesn’t it.

Wouldn’t it be better to have an insurance policy? Don’t you think history would judge you better if you’d have predicted this problem and started to do something about it early? Safeguarded our precious way of life against future disaster. It’s just a thought. I mean to be honest I wouldn’t even know where you should start? It’s huge complicated problem. How to safeguard the worlds oil resources for our own personal use? It’s a hard one.