The Procrastination Express

This is a blog post which is just here as a way of writing a blog post to enable me to stop thinking that the next blog post needs to be a particularly good blog post in order to justify the gap between this blog post and the last blog post.

Procrastination is a fickle mistress. I’ve been aiming to, wanting to, and generally, definitely planning to write some more – and write it here specifically – for the longest time. I’ve got a drafts folder as long as my arm and even a post about my drafts folder which is sat in the drafts folder waiting for some made-up, not-going-to-happen thing to happen before I can get it out of the drafts folder and publish it.

I'm not going to fall into the trap of making some kind of promise (weekly posts!!) I won't keep, or of apologising to some imagined, long-departed audience for not having written anything recently. But having been inspired yet again to get my act togther and write something, I realised that the above feeling of expected quality was one barrier to me actually doing it and so if nothing else I thought I'd simply remove that barrier.

I doubt this will unleash a tsunami of quality content but hopefully it'll be one step long the way to something or other which is better than nothing or other. And just imagine, if in a year or so's time I still haven't written a single other thing on this blog then this blog post will look (and make me look) so comically rubbish then there might actually even be some value in that.

Wordpress says I’ve written almost 300 words now and that’s enough for any metaphorical sink plunger I'd have thought. Cheers.