The Mysterious Whistle

I was walking to the station when I saw a guy entering the Cricket Club on foot. He was wearing vaguely sporty clothing, although nothing you would expect someone to wear for cricket, and was carrying a rucksack over his shoulder. As he walked through the car park he gave a whistle.

It wasn’t a tunefully whistle it was a “catch your attention” whistle. Kind of “peep peep” (how hard is it to write whistling in words??). I turned round because as far as I knew I was the only other person around. However, it was obvious though that he wasn’t trying to catch my attention so I turned back - only to be surprised by a dog skipping round the corner and jogging off towards the man. So there you go - minute mystery that it was: solved.

What struck me though was my momentary acceptance that the man might have made that type of whistle for no reason. Why was I surprised to see the dog, surely it was inevitable that there should be a dog. Have I become so jaded with the complete weirdness and inexplicable behaviour of people that I don’t expect any logical explanation for any of it.

I fear the chances of me becoming the next Sherlock Holmes are slim.