Testing Time

Heard on the radio this morning that there’s a new plan from the UK to try and make a second UN resolution more palatable for the rest of the world.

"UK ambassador Jeremy Greenstock is expected to give details of the new proposals to the Security Council when it meets on Tuesday. They are reported to include a series of disarmament tests which Baghdad should fulfil within a set time limit, after which it will face war."

A series of tests you say? Will these be a little bit like the “series of tests” that you’ve put in place to decide whether we join Euroland then? A series of test that can be interpretted in so many different ways that’s it’s possible for you to do whatever you like whenever you like and still use them as justification?

Better not mix them up or we’ll be launching an unjustified attack on Europe and sharing a common currency with Saddam!! Ha ha of course not coz that would be ridiculous wouldn’t it.