Photographs! Phousands of ’em!

Well no, but I few it thought might be nice to put up here. They’re kind of organised into sets (as is the fashion) and there’s links to them at the bottom of the menu down there. Hopefully these’ll be followed by more but judging by how long it took me to sort this lot out then I’ll have to see. I’m off work at the moment (I know you all know, but maybe, just maybe there’s someone reading this who I don’t speak to on a daily basis) so I’ve had a bit of time to monkey around with everything which has been nice.

Also I’ve done a css display thing (link at bottom) which displays the css for this page. Christ knows why I’ve done this, but I kind of wrote the code and then thought “What the hell” and stuck it up here. I’m in the middle of doing a rotating-style sheet thing for this blog so maybe once that’s up and running it’ll make more sense. I can’t decide whether I want the style to change every day or just once a week, so errrr ... answers on a postcard.

Happily I’m having one of those weeks off where it’s feeling like ages and ages since I’ve been in work so I feel like saying “Hello, remember me?” to work people. I’m fulling expecting everyone to say “My, haven’t you grown” when I return.