Oh Really?

So yes, you read it right. Although I don’t expect it’ll be much of a surprise to anyone. We’ve been together almost 5 years now and we’ve gone from living together in a shared stoodent house to renting our own flat, to renting a little cottage, to buying our own house, and countless other rites of relationship passage the cumulation of which recently caused my Mother to say:

"Well, we think of you as a married couple now anyway".

So it just felt like the right time. Actually it felt like the right time about a year ago but then the plan jumped into my head about asking her in Paris and once I’d thought of that I ended up having to wait nearly a year for everything to be right.

I always wanted it to be a surprise for some reason, but that’s become harder and harder to stick to as time has gone on. Obviously, like I said, this has been on the cards a while, so it seemed like the best option would be to do it somewhere special instead. It’s still meant to be a surprise but I’ve an idea that she’s probably guessed. Maybe it’s the way I’ve been acting recently, it’s been hard to remember how I was acting before and to try and continue acting that way.

I’m actually really looking forward to asking her, I know she really wants to and also, because the way we live is very much that way already, this whole thing should be far more like a celebration of something that exists than a celebration of something starting.

Anyway so there you have it. To be honest I couldn’t be happier.