I had an appreciation attack the other day. I was listening to Bona Drag and "Every Day is like Sunday" came on. It was probably the first Morrissey song I ever knew because it was on NOW 12 (yikes!) which I bought when I was awfully young and long before my good friend started forcing good music on me. At first it was the one song on the album I would actively fast forward, but after time I started to get into it. Of course I had a moment years later when I recognised it on a ‘proper’ Moz album and thought "oh, that was him".

Anyway so the other night I put the album on a up popped the song, and I just took to realising how great that line is. I know (or at least I think I remember) that he stole it from somewhere, some book he was reading, but still however it came about it is just ... great.

At first I was disappointed when reading about Moz that he had taken so many of my favourite lines from other places but I think I’ve come to realised that his skill was to notice how great they were and to build the songs around them. When you compare his pilfering to similar steals performed by song writers before and since (which basically amounts to a quick flick through the Hamlyn Book of Cliche’s), Moz comes out far ahead in terms of subtlety and range of sources.

This is, I think, my first Morrissey post. For your sake as well as mine it will probably be my last.