Exactly 1 minute into the song called “Ce Matin La” by the french band Air there’s a brass insturment part. I don’t know whether it’s a muted trumpet or even a trombone, it might even be another kind of instrument altogether or maybe it’s a wonderful synthesisation. It follows a long airy introduction, which to be honest I hardly ever listen to anymore, having discovered that the trumpet begins at exactly 1 minute in.

It’s a wonderful sound like someone saying “pah” through cotton wool, yet it’s elongated and fades off beatifully. I imagine such a trombone solo might be playing as you accend the great white escalator to heaven.

Obviously there’s a huge easy listening influence (I’m imagining the great smiling face of Burt Bacharach beaming down on this heaven) and later the track merges itself into almost a ‘best of’ of sounds from the easy listening ouvre, but it’s just that moment when the noise kicks in, it’s just that feeling, no matter the context or the cloudiness of the day, that makes me feel happy.