More Nightmares

Sorry to harp on about it but I watched the last episode of the Power of Nightmares series last night and it really was excellent.

The BBC have a section of their website devoted to the programme here with a comments board.

If you didn’t see this documentary you really should have. Hopefully the BBC wil replay it soon (or release a DVD - although I doubt this) but if you can by whatever means, do watch it, it really was that good!

Lies are most effective when they’re based on a small grain of truth. In order to expose those lies you therefore have to get right back to that grain and expose the first lie that skewed the story, which then exposes all the other lies since. Most of us don’t have time to spent doing this and only manage to pick out a few facts and rumours here and there. We perhaps have a sense that something isn’t right but never get round to really defining what it is. That’s why programmes like this are so important. That’s what journalism should be about.