Lens Chicken

Having a bit of a quiet day (fiddling with background images) while Kirsty is out in Leeds avec sister looking for my Birthday present - woo hoo!

We got this lovely pack of Chicken Tikka Chiken Pieces (ready cooked and ready to eat) and I’ve just had them on a sandwich made from a third of a french stick with salad and mayo! It was a truly bodacious sandwich! Diddle-iddle-iddle-iddle-diddle (does Bill and Ted style air guitar).

I went and ordered those glasses the other day too. After all that “price of a small country” stuff I couldn’t find anything that came close in other shops so I thought; what the hell, you only buy glasses once don’t you?(forgetting that this is my third pair now - the first pair I left on the roof of my Dad’s car and drove off, the second pair I’m wearing right now).

Interesting that after asking the price the other day I then went back and asked the price again before ordering them. Again I was told that the cheapest price for lenses was �70. It was only when I was sat down giving my details to another lady that she foolishly let slip that they actually did cheaper lenses for �55. She soon realised her mistake and started ranting on about scratch resistance and glare guarding and whether I used a VDU at all, ever, but the damaged was done and I walked out having paid �15 less than I thought I was going to.

I wonder why the other two women didn’t tell me about the �55 lenses. Had they been trained not to? Did they notice the (rather high) expense of the frames and think "he can afford it"? They seemed so friendly and helpful too.