Kev Bishop

T’was a sad day yesterday as it was Kev’s last day working at the same workplace as me. Kev’s been my best workmate now for over 4 years ever since I started working at Ananova (now Orange). He’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met, and a truely good friend.

He’s off to persue better things (shotgun in hand) and so I wish him well. He’ll be sorely missed at work where he was always a source of amusing messenger chat, coffee break companionship and interesting links, with the unerring ability to have seen everything I found on the internet at least a month previuosly ;-)

A lot of things have happened since I met him. We bought houses almost at exactly the same time, have compared notes on terrible garages, mechanics, repairmen, mortgage advisors and in general the evil denizens of the customer service industry. He has put up with my incessant and often strange ramblings, and countered with many of his own, and has been very patient with my consistent moaning about not having a laptop, until recently I got one (when he was justifiably relieved).

I’ve spent close to 80% of my lunchtimes while in work vaguely wandering around the music shops of Leeds gaining vicarious pleasure from his immense spending while sneakily only rarely returning the favour. He’s introduced me to Nick Drake, Johnny Cash, Kristen Hersh, expanded my view of Bobs Dylan and Marley and recently was the person to first tell me how good the new Streets album was.

In short he has become a big part of my (and Kirsty’s) life and we’re both all the happier for it.

Good luck Kev, see you very soon