Hermits Beware

"Guard yourself against offending the hermit! But if you have done so, well then, kill him as well!"

I’m beginning to wonder whether this Nietzsche fellow isn’t a bit off his rocker. It not that this book is exactly hard to read, it’s more that it’s impossible to understand. You get sentances (like the one above) which make perfect (if slightly warped) sense, but somehow he strings these sentances together in such a way as to make the overall meaning completely indecipherable. You can easily see how this writing has been co-opted by so many(including the Nazi’s) as some sort of justification. He says everything and nothing. Even when you’re beginning to glean some small amount of meaning from one of the passages you realise that it’s in complete contradiction to something you’d thought you’d gleaned earlier. Maybe my gleaning skills aren’t up to scratch, or maybe I’ll trying to hard to glean. Either way I’m going to plow on - if only for the sake of the ‘wonderful’ nuggets (like the one above) which if nothing else make me giggle.