Going Going

You know that feeling when you’ve got something to say but you can’t say it, and because you can’t say it you can’t say anything else. It’s like when you’ve got a question that you’re wanting to ask but you feel like you’ve got to make small talk first before you can ask, but consequently you can’t think of anything else to say because the only thing on your mind is the question. Or like when you’ve got something to confess and until you’ve admitted it you can’t concentrate on anything else.

I haven’t quite been able to say anything properly for a while now.

Around this time last year we bought our first house which was a big deal. About a year before that we bought a new Ford Ka, which felt like a big deal. About a year before that I got my first job which after about 9 months of signing on was a very big deal. Around about a year before that I finished Uni. Of course I’ve|we’ve done all sorts of other things in that time but those things kind of stand out - maybe artificially - because they were all done around the spring/summer of subsequent years.

The scrolly wheel on my mouse in work has started to click loudly whenever I scroll upwards. It’s fine when I’m scrolling down though.

I’ve re-invigorated my RSS and RDF (is that what they’re called?) feeds just in case that’s of use to anyone.

Also, also also, I’ve added something to this blog to enable me to keep posting while I’m on holiday, I’m not sure whether it’s going to work though, so it might be interesting to check while I’m away. I won’t be able to check myself so if it all goes bad it might be quite amusing.