Chances are you’ve probably arrived here coz you were going to look at my weblog which used to be here:

Well as you can see it’s moved and got a new name and a different style and all sorts of things. Don’t ask me why? or how? or when? or "what in the hell are you thinking?", I really don’t know.

I do know that there’s something I like about this now which I didn’t like about how it was before. There’s something this has which was missing before. I mean "writings", what a crappy little name that really was, I bet you thought so. I bet you used to think "oh god are you that unimaginative?". Well yes probably I was, maybe now I’ve gone far too far in the other dirrection, but what the hell, I quite like it over here, I think I’ll stick around a while.

Also of course I was always on a loser with the domain “” which is great (and hopefully still is) as a place for drawings (especially mine) but not so good I felt, as a place for things that weren’t drawings. “Writings” to be specific.

So there you have it. Something in the way of a new beginning and probably nothing at all in the way of anything else new at all. So update your links, purge your bookmarks, rattle you teapots and settle down to a lot more of the same, only different and with pictures of three famous people at the top of the page.

Hey, you never know I might get sued for using them!!! There’s something to look forward to. ;o)