Euro 2004 is on, German are playing Holland and winning one nill at the moment, I’ve not really been watching the first half coz I’ve been doing a new drawing and uploading it. Having wirless and broadband now it’s much easier than it was but you still can’t do it and pay attention to the football at the same time.

I’ve also decided to make a list, a list of things to do which I’m not getting done because I haven’t really got a handle on what I want to get done. All this is completely by the by, by the way but still.

Now you see if I’d have been clever I would have paused for a while, watched the match and written this at half time (which is a few minutes away now), but unfortunately I’m not that clever. Hence the need for list making I feel.

Anyway this has been the most self-indulgent entry I’ve written for a long time, so I think I’ll stop there.