End Of Year

I’m back, back from Christmas back to work, la la doo doo! I suppose I should review the year and try and find some meaning in the mirky memories while the days are short and the nights are long and maybe resolve to change the way things are, or are going to be or something.... but, to be frank, why should I do that when I can just draw a graph!!

Below is the graph of what my web host tells me is the per-monthly stats for "successful page requests" for this website in the last year.

click for a bigger version

As you can see it starts fairly low and after a gradual accent it suddenly leaps in mid august before a slight dip at the end of the year. There’s a slightly hopeful upwards turn right at the end too which is nice. I don’t know what happened to cause the August rise (I’m slightly inclined to think it marks nothing more than my own rather obsessive parsing and trawling of the access logs) but none the less it exists and makes the graph rather a pleasing shape.

I’d love here to veer (veer here!?) into a long and gushing account of how my year has been exactly like this graph, how it started fairly low and then how suddenly in the 8th month I achieved a huge successful life enhancing feat. I could write in surprise of how unbeknown to me the "successful page requests" of my website were secretly mirroring my own fortunes and ponder questions of whether life imitates the web or the web imitates life. Unfortunately though my life has been nothing like this. That’s not to say it’s been bad, just that it would take a shoe-horn bigger than I own to try and force a metaphor of my year onto this graph.

I do though, think this graph would represent something of an ideal year if it did represent my life. It would be a good course for a year to take, with something to look forward to after summer. But hang on a sec ... maybe there is something spooky going on here. Maybe it’s a premonition, expressed through the "successful page request" stats of my website, Maybe I’m being sent a message. Maybe this isn’t the year I’ve just had, but it’s the year I’m about to have!! Could it be? Is it possble?? Do you even care at all?

Anyway, to you all: I hope this one’s the one that the last one wasn’t, and if your last one was the one then I hope this one’s the same. Have fun!