You might have noticed that popular bookmarking web 2.0 grandaddy has had a face lift (as well as selling out and buying a .com domain! splitter!). It looks pretty nice and to me looks like a deliberate step beyond the cliched web 2.0 style guide and into something quite nice and new. It also struck me not only from their uber-simple logo but from the site itself that they're working on a similar kind of restricted pallette to orange. Exchange that blue for our orange and what have you got? Well, nothing like the orange website but still...

  1. no gradients - just flat colour.
  2. no borders - just a few thin dividers.
Maybe this is something of a new trend in the making? If so I'm liking it. There's something pleasing about the simplicity. In fact thinking on it a second I think that’s what makes it so good. Delicious always had simplicity, it was almost their biggest asset. With this redesign what they seem to have done is retain that, and make it look good too! Tres bien.