Daniel Kitson

Yet again we went to see Daniel Kitson at Leeds City Varieties. And he was good.

I can’t really be bothered trying to explain why I like him so much I think I’ve tried enough before, but generally he’s still just as good, for very similar (if not identical) reasons and this time we drove there and back which meant that the fact he goes on and on and on didn’t bring even a smidgeon of negativity into the evening.

This time we were accompanied by only Kev who did us (and himself) proud by not standing for a grumpy woman who sat next to him complaining through much of the first half. Kev politely informed her of her rudeness and she promptly left which can only be described as a result all round. Yay!

So there you have it. Go and experience the Kitson and you’ll never quite be able to enjoy other comedians in quite the same way again!

In other news we finished painting the kitchen ceiling the other day, and decided to wallpaper the walls. Breath catchingly exciting I know.

It’s snowing everywhere (as you can see through a nearby window or by looking at my lovely pictures on the right).

Kirsty is really showing an awful lot now. We’ve got our twenty week scan next Thursday and we really really might just find out the sex. Now that really would be a big deal.