Ok so Rupert Murdoch really really wants to buy Channel 5. It would be easy to say “Who cares, I never watch that goddamn dayglo channel anyway!!” but it’s the way that Tony and co are literally bending over backwards to let him that knarks. But wait! What about Her Majesty’s opposition? Oh that’s right they’re taking up their usual position of "yes, but more so". Both leaderships are obviously so absolutely terrified of the power that Murdoch already wields over the opinions of the nation that they want to give him more! Nice one guys.

Oh and while they’re at it they’re changing the law so an American company can buy ITV. Again (and I think it’s been said) ITV probably can’t get much worse but why can’t we have crap telly that doesn’t funnel revenue back into the US economy.

Sorry is that terribly nationalistic of me? I just can’t help it since I heard that the BNP is fielding an increased number of female candidates for the local elections in an attempt to combat their thuggish image. Don’t you find racism and bigotry more persuasive when it’s expounded by a woman? ((can’t find a link to this story yet but I did hear it on the radio this morning))

And finally... Mon père merveilleux a obtenu un téléphone de Panasonic GD87 pour son anniversaire. So he was able to use it to send my sister and I this picture. Yay!!

My Old Man