Ch Ch Ch Ch

Fuses fixed (bought some wire yesterday). I had forgotten how dark it gets at night. Kirsty wandered off to get fission chips from Harry Ramsdens (3mins walk up road, very dangerous) and I was left in our very dark house running up and down into the cellar and trying to prop up the torch so I could see to get that little bit of wire through those little holes.

Also: You may have noticed that mydrawings has been shifted slightly to the right in the grand scheme of things. This is because I’m thinking of getting a new domain sometime soon and, while I’ll probably keep for the forseeable future, the 5 year plan involves it being just one section within a larger more general webiste. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had a great time together me and but over the last few months we’ve drifted apart, the passion just isn’t there anymore and those small niggly things are getting harder to ignore (for example the fact that when linking to the website nice and kind people have to have a link with the words “mydrawings” on their website which looks to all intents and purposes like it’s a link to their drawings and not my drawings etc etc etc).

I’m not due to renew for a little while so I’ve made the change now to give people (and Google) and chance to get used to the new situ, so when the revolution comes everything doesn’t go up the wall.