It was my birthday over the weekend and I visited parents and received some lovely gifts from various people all of whom I’d like to thank muchly. We also took Monday off so we could stay and extra night and drive back sans-rush during the day, which was nice coz we’ve found a pleasant new way of doing the trip (coming up the M6 and then along the M65 before skirting around past Ilkley and down). It was a beautiful day over the tops of the penines.

We then had our ’induction’ at our new gym. We joined the other week and Monday was our first day where we got told how everything works and were given a start-you-off type plan of daily activities. And it will be daily, oh yes, each morning at Some Ungodly Hour (official term) we’ll be up and out and in there. Did I mention that the greatest thing about this gym is that it’s literally less than a minutes walk from our front door (which means it’s actually literally just over a minutes walk from my bed). Laziness and gym going combined, that’s what I like to see.

So in celebration of our (or my, she’s been going for a while to another one) new found health consciousness we decided to have steak and chips for tea. I decided to cook and got everything ready - I’d decided to fry them as I’d tried grilling before and they’d ended up very dry and leathery - then after heating up the oil until it was just right I grabbed the pack.of steaks, turned it upside down and tipped them in.

Do you get it? Do you see my deliberate mistake there? Yes, hot oil in pan, followed by over casual tipping. Of course the steaks hit the pan causing the hot oil to splash out in several directions one of which was my chest and arm. There was pain. There was quite a lot of shouting. There was also much splashing of water and applying of damp kitchen towels. There was even (a bit later) the trying of Aftersun to sooth the pain which actually worked quite well.

So I now have lots of little red burns in the shape of splashes on my chest and inner arm which don’t hurt anymore. I’m unsure whether they’ll stick around or just heal up and disappear. One bit (on my chest) did form a blister but it seems to be all right now.

... And why wasn’t I wearing so much as a t-shirt while cooking steaks on a Monday evening? Well that’s my own business.