Baby Soon

Well since those scans (still on the right there) a lot has happened. We’ve been getting equipped with a cot and a buggy/pram and lots of tiny little clothes which Kirsty insists on hanging up on the little hangers they came on. We now have a cupboard in the back bedroom that could knock you over at 100 paces with the sheer cuteness of it’s contents.

We’ve been to 2 parent classes together (Kirsty goes to extra separate women-only ones) and learned all about things which we’d already really read in books but somehow seemed more real when a person was saying them out loud. We also met a Mum and Dad with their 12 day old son who had been persuaded to come back in and tell us that "it’s OK, you will survive".

Water birth seems to be the order of the day, and I must admit the more I hear about it the more my preconceptions about new-age, crystals and joss-sticks type people are falling away. At the end of the day it’ll be whatever suits best at the time I guess, but for the time being that’s the plan.

So, we have a plan, we’ve packed some bags, parents and relatives know to expect a call (when we’re all done!) and there’s still over 3 weeks to go! I never thought I’d say this but I’m beginning to actually feel ready!

Bring it on!!!