As Autumn Draws

Well, what the Sam Hill has been going on recently? "Certainly nothing worth writing about" I hear you say. Well, probably that’s true, although I’ve also been a bit lazy, and have suddenly been doing a few drawings instead (you can’t have both you know!).

Life has been continuing. We’ve been battening down certain hatches ready for the winter. Painting exterior surfaces and fences and screwing things down (and together). We’ve been visiting The Rubbish Tip, sorting stuff right out, and planning (don’t forget the planning).

Aha, also my best man (remember him?)

got engaged to the lovely Maeve in Edinburgh this weekend. So congratulations to him, we really could not be happier for them both!

The wind is up boys and girls, but the sun is still shining, so enjoy it while you can and don’t, whatever you do, expect an umbrella to be of any use at all.